Pneumatics with Raspberry Pi

Various projects and demonstrations for upper elementary through high school

McKibben Muscles

(A student research project)

ExplorTech has small air pumps and required materials to build Raspberry Pi or Arduino-drive McKibben muscles. We can demonstrate now, and at some point provide hands-on activities. At this time, this is an open research project for our Ambassadors and other secondary students. Please inquire!

Pneumatic artificial muscles (PAMs) are contractile or extensional devices operated by pressurized air filling a pneumatic bladder. In an approximation of human muscles, PAMs are usually grouped in pairs: one agonist and one antagonist. PAMs were first developed (under the name of McKibben Artificial Muscles) in the 1950s for use in artificial limbs. The Bridgestone rubber company (Japan) commercialized the idea in the 1980s under the name of Rubbertuators.


A 3D-Printed Working Steam Engine

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