AI Family Challenge

Sessions start Friday, November 15

At Perrin-Whitt Elementary School, Perrin TX. Free program for any PWCISD student and their family members. All ages, no coding or tech skills required!

The AI Family Challenge is a free series of ten 1-hour hands-on weekly sessions with optional online activities delivered through our online Zoom Classroom and YouTube channel. And each participant and their family will have a chance to submit inventions to the World Championship in one of two divisions: Junior (11 years-old or younger) and Senior (12-16 years-old). Sign up today! An Internet connection is required to participate online.

Suitable for after-school or weekend sessions. Your family may also participate through our Zoom Virtual Classroom.

Did you know that Alexa and Siri use artificial intelligence (AI) to answer your questions? Or, that YouTube and Netflix recommend videos with the help of machine learning? Many technologies that surround us are changing how we work and play using AI. The AI Family Challenge is a free, hands-on AI education program that brings families, schools, communities, and industry mentors together to give everyone the chance to learn, play and create with AI.

Can my family submit to the AI World Championship?

Remember, any family can complete the program! To be eligible for the AI World Championship competition, your family must submit to either the Junior or Senior division:

Junior Division: As of January 1, 2020, the oldest child in family is 11 or younger.

Senior Division: As of January 1, 2020, the oldest child in family is 12-16.

  • Minimum 1 parent/guardian and 1 child per family team
  • 6 people maximum per family team
  • 2 adults per team maximum
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